Master Data Management

Achieving a single view of enterprise data, including customer, product, vendor, accounting data and data related to other domains is a major challenge for most organizations. Lack of standardized and consistent data makes it difficult to assimilate and aggregate data from different sources.  Data in an organization generally has a number of variations, and developing rules and standardization processes using manual methods and custom built scripts is a time consuming and resource intensive process. Unstructured and semi structured data in the form of text files, free form text columns in databases, PDF files and other unstructured data sources add another layer of complexity to the data standardization, integration and assimilation of data.


OpenDQ brings a comprehensive process-based master data management framework that can handle customer, product, and vendor data, as well as data from other domains in the enterprise, which includes:

  • Comprehensive data quality processes including data profiling, standardization, fuzzy matching and fuzzy de-duplication
  • Advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) based parsing and Fuzzy standardization
  • Enterprise services bus based real time interfaces for propagating master data in the enterprise
  • Full-fledged extraction, transformation and loading capabilities make reading from multiple data sources and writing to multiple data targets easy
  • Reporting and notification functions make the process of providing information to data stakeholders easy
  • Zero license cost, empowering organizations of all sizes to implement master data management processes

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