Legacy Data Migrations

Legacy data migrations continue to be a major operational activity at many organizations from Fortune 500 corporations to small companies. Data migration projects unfortunately do not enjoy a high degree of success.  A major cause for failure is the quality of the data and a lack of insight into the data residing the legacy systems. According to a recent white paper by Bloor Research"In our view, data migration has historically been under-valued, under-resourced and not treated with the attention it deserves. 60% of data migration projects have overruns on time and/or budget"  (Philip Howard, Bloor Research).

In order to ensure that data migration projects turn out to be successful, while avoiding cost overruns and time delays, a core set of software, processes and workflows needs to be in place. OpenDQ with its ZERO license cost and comprehensive features enables organizations to take up data migration projects with the full confidence of a successful migration, allowing:

  • Data quality analysis and profiling on source and target side, get the true picture of the data in legacy systems
  • Ability to drill down into the source data
  • Null or incomplete value detection, analyze the completeness of the source data
  • Comprehensive ability to perform business rule validation
  • Extensive transformation capabilities.  Transform data from multiple sources with ease
  • Log the changes to the data, critical for auditing and compliance requirements
  • Build process flows and automated notifications, complete automation of complex data migration processes
  • Apply complex filters during data loading, assuring that the highest quality data reaches the target system

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