Identity Resolution

Identity or entity resolution is a legally required process for a number of organizations that deal with sensitive subjects, such as banking, defence, security and other related domains.  Laws such as US Patriot Act, make it compulsory for organizations to identify customers, vendors, partners and other entities that your organization interacts with. A key requirement of the identity resolution is to accurately identify entities matched against publicly available databases and watchlists such as the OFAC , BIS/BXA, OSFI, FBI and other entities.


OpenDQ, with its powerful fuzzy matching components and real-time matching capabilities in combination with flexible business rules makes the process of Identity resolution easy to implement with:

  • Built in support for adding external data sources for matching and search
  • Optional subscription-based name database with name variations across multiple cultures
  • Optional web service- based lookups to add additional data to the search and match process
  • Add complex business rules to accurately identify entities after the initial fuzzy match process, minimize false positives
  • Built in support for Unicode data. Supports different languages and character sets
  • Real time fuzzy matching capabilities enable the solution to be used by multiple different applications
  • Match data from unstructured data sources such as Text, PDF, Spreadsheets etc.

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