Fraud Detection

Fraudulent activities cost businesses billions of dollars in lost profits and incurred losses every year.  Fraudulent transactions continue to go undetected as companies struggle with a massive influx of data and increasingly sophisticated mechanisms associated with fraud.  Organizations that invest in preventive technologies and processes have a greater chance of detecting and bringing down fraud, but the cost and the capabilities of these solutions continue to be a major deterrent for most companies.


OpenDQ, with its Zero licensing costs and comprehensive features, provides one of the most comprehensive platforms for fraud detection in realtime and batch modes.


Key Features:

  • Identify entities and individuals with differences and variations in key attributes such as names, addresses, etc.
  • Enhance input data with valid address and geo coding information, which is crucial in detecting fraudulent transactions
  • Reference external data sources and internal data sources that contain historical information about fraudulent data
  • Reference external watch lists such as OFAC ,Terror watch lists, money laundering, politically exposed persons, etc.
  • Scales with increasing volumes of data through OpenDQ massively scalable matching and real time matching components
  • Full-fledged connectivity options to extract data from RDBMS, XML, Excel, PDF and other data sources

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