ERP Data

Data consolidation of legacy system data into an ERP system poses a special challenge to the teams tasked with such an operation. Legacy systems generally do not have controls that prevent bad data from being entered, which results in a mired data system. Consolidating data from multiple legacy source systems into an ERP system needs software that has extensive extraction, transformation and loading features, as well as comprehensive data quality capabilities.


OpenDQ, with its comprehensive extraction, transformation and loading features, makes the process of extracting data from legacy sources and transforming the data into suitable formats ready for loading into ERP systems simple.  OpenDQ accomplishes this with tightly integrated data profiling, data standardization , de-duplication using fuzzy matching.  ZERO licensing cost offers one of the most flexible options for creating process management of loading ERP data from legacy source systems.  OpenDQ provides:

  • Full-fledged extraction, transformation and loading capabilities
  • Extraction of data from databases, flat files, fixed width files, hierarchical file systems, EBCDIC sources etc.
  • Transformation and integration of data from multiple data sources
  • Performing comprehensive data profiling analysis to identify issues with the data in the source systems
  • Cleansing, Standardization, de-duplication, and merging data before it gets loaded into the target ERP system
  • Creating data formats that are ready for import into ERP systems

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