According to recent surveys by leading analyst firms, close to 20% of the data in an enterprise is duplicate information. A good percentage of this data is “inexact” or fuzzy duplication making the process of detecting and eliminating them complex. Duplicate data has a serious impact on the business bottom line:
  • Increased mailing costs due to duplicate data records
  • Reduced impact of customer communication due to duplication of channels
  • Missed sales opportunities due to a lack of single record of truth and the associated information
  • Compliance/audit issues become difficult to monitor and track
  • Increase in fraudulent activity

OpenDQ addresses the problems of duplicate data with a comprehensive approach.  This includes: 

Real time duplicate detection

  • Interfaces for detection of duplicate data before the data enters the system
  • Duplicate detection using complex business rules
  • Sub second response time across millions of records

Batch mode duplicate detection

  • Data can be extracted from any type of data source including databases, flat files, spreadsheets, XML etc.
  • Match data against third party data, reference files or across files
  • Set up complex business rules for duplicate detection
  • De-duplication process can be used for any data domain
  • Large number of Fuzzy algorithms to choose
  • Set flexible attribute level tolerance levels

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