Customer Data Integration

Consolidation and management of customer information to build a single view of customer data is a major challenge for an enterprise. Customer data integration involves several different technology stacks and business process flows, and a successful implementation needs a comprehensive set of software tools and technologies that implement the business requirements and needs of the customer data integration process.


Single view of your customer helps your organization in  maximizing profits and customer satisfaction:

  • Upsell/Cross sell to your existing customers
  • Identify your most valuable and loyal customers across divisions/product lines/regions etc.
  • Increase customer satisfaction during customer interactions through a complete view of your customer transactions
  • Comply with regulatory reporting requirements 

OpenDQ built on a ZERO license platform, combines some of the most advanced technologies and comprehensive processes flows to manage the integration of customer data to achieve the single view of the customer data, including:

  • Comprehensive extraction, transformation and loading software, simplifies data extraction and transformation of customer data from different systems and applications
  • Complete data quality platform, assures that a single version of your customer data contains the highest quality data
  • Comprehensive fuzzy matching capabilities, matching customer records with significant variations in data
  • Massively scalable fuzzy matching options to handle increasing data volumes quickly
  • Real time matching with fuzzy matching options to detect duplicate customer data and match existing customers, preventing bad data from reaching the single version of the customer data
  • A variety of data enhancements including address verification, psychographic, demographic information, can be added to the customer data
  • Comprehensive work flow and scheduling options, allowing for complete automation of the process
  • Web based user interface screens for manual review, maintenance of customer data

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